What you may have in common with us …

areyouunitariansAsk yourself…do you think:

  • no single religion has a monopoly on wisdom and truth
  • how you behave toward others is more important than any religious creed
  • the universe was not made for our benefit, but we are intimately connected to it all
  • everyone should be free and responsible to seek truth and meaning, according to their own reason, spirit, and conscience
  • we should always be open to growth, change, and new ideas?

Are you:

  • looking for spiritual growth among supportive fellow seekers
  • eager to reflect deeply on life’s important questions
  • seeking a place of celebration and worship, inspiration and education, friendship and mutual support
  • wanting to help your children develop their own values and commitments, free of dogma?

If you said ‘yes’ to a few of these, you might enjoy a Unitarian experience!

We are a welcoming, inclusive community…

…so why not come and check us out at one of our services, activities or outreach programs!