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Church Services have resumed

The Unitarian Church of SA has resumed in-person Sunday services from Sunday, December 6, 2020, after a two-week suspension due to the Adelaide COVID-19 cluster at Parafield. For any more details, please call the office on 0490 660 175 or email

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First-time Visitor?

If you're visiting SA Unitarian Church for the first time, here are some top tips
to make your first visit memorable, easy and, most of all, fun!

Welcome to Worship at the Unitarian Church. As you look around you will see children are an important part of our community. Their presence here grows out of a commitment to incorporate children into the life and mission of our congregation, and to nurture them in their own spiritual journey.

We offer our creche and Sunday Club but we also bring children into the beginning of every service. After our 'Time for All Ages' they are invited to go to Sunday Club. Your child, however, may wish to stay with you, especially if you are visiting for the first time. We welcome this. Occasionally we have a family worship service which includes the entire congregation including the children.

Current Activities

Social Justice

In 2015 our Social Justice efforts focused on three issues: asylum seekers, marriage equality, and poverty alleviation.


Our program symbolises our desire to offer meaningful and enjoyable fellowship across the generations.

Sunday Club

Sunday Club provides spiritual leadership and a positive experience for our youngest Unitarians.


Community in the Time of Coronavirus

Community in the time of Coronavirus Video is one way to communicate through the growing discomfort, anxiety and confusion people feel from the COVIID-19 Read More