Current Activities

Community Outreach groups that use church facilities

  • (Church members and friends are welcome to participate, unless it is a closed group)
  • 'Acorn' mums and babies support (weekly – a closed group)
  • Newsletter (monthly)
  • 'Little Oaks' group follow-up to 'Acorns' group (weekly – a closed group)
  • 'Meeting-in-Style' group for mature adults (monthly)
  • 'Meals for St Vincent de Paul homeless (planned – monthly)'
  • Over-eaters Anonymous
  • Terrace Singers (weekly)
  • Ruggers (patchwork quilters – monthly)


Activities occurring regularly

  • Committee of Management meetings (monthly)
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Newsletter (monthly)
  • Bushcare at Shady Grove (monthly)
  • "Stream of Life" programs (see Community Outreach programs below)
  • Young Unitarians Group (18-40's), meeting informally to discuss issues of interest and relevance to them.​
  • Catherine Helen Spence Oration – an annual event to commemorate a great SA Unitarian.



Activities occurring intermittently

  • Religious Education courses (recent offerings include "12 Steps to a Compasionate Life", "Liberal Religion in the Public Square", "Building Your Own Theology", "An Introduction to Philosophy")
  • Sub-committee meetings as required
  • Congregational luncheons, dinners
  • Fund-raising events
  • Meditation
  • Concerts
  • 'Circle' meals in people's homes
  • Various social activities
  • Interaction with the external 'Multifaith' movement
  • Biennial Australia and New Zealand Unitarian Universalist Association (ANZUUA) conference
  • White elephant stalls, and craft & gift stalls
  • Various working bees (e.g. structural maintenance at the Norwood church & manse, and at Shady Grove)