Shady Grove Cemetery


This historic little cemetery is tucked away on the Shady Grove Unitarian property surrounded by native scrub and adjoining farming properties. It has existed here for 155 years and is the resting place of many pioneers of the church community and local area.

In 2008 a Shady Grove Cemetery Committee was formed. As a result of this the cemetery has eligibility requirements, fees and charges, and a fifty-year lease plan. Regulations into Natural Burials have also been researched.

This treasured island of virgin scrub is heritage listed and contains valuable native orchids and many other wild flowers. Over the past number of years a dedicated team of bushcare workers have met regularly to preserve and maintain this land. This has been achieved by adhering to a sensitive weeding program resulting in the continual emergence of natives, thus ensuring enjoyment to all in the future years to come.

As the ethos of the cemetery is ‘bushland’ and our Church being custodian of this unique land, all users are being made aware that the general weeding by visitors can actually be detrimental to encouraging native growth. To promulgate education on the difference between a ‘weed and a ‘native’ an interpretive board has been erected with the support of a council grant, to help people with identification. A great way to learn is to join this dedicated team on its monthly bushcare days. A great social opportunity too!

If at any time you need further information about cemetery matters please contact Valerie Webb, Jill Dunn, Yvonne Barrett or the curator Helen Raison. We welcome positive feedback from the general public, many of whom are just discovering this especially evocative piece of Unitarian history.