SA Unitarians celebrate LGBTQIA+ diversity with Feast service and Transgender Remembrance Day event

Click below to listen to Bo and Aaron explain about the Feast service and ITDoR (International Transgender Day of Remembrance) event on Radio Adelaide’s Pride and Prejudice show, broadcast November 7, 2019.


The Unitarian Church of South Australia celebrated sexual and gender diversity during Adelaide’s Feast Festival – November 9-24, 2019 – by holding a special Feast Sunday service and a solemn ceremony to mark the International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The Norwood-based congregation, which has more than 100 members with beliefs ranging from Christianity and Buddhism to atheism, welcomes people from the LBGQTIA+ community who are in search of a spiritual home or just a safe place to have a cuppa.

The Unitarian Feast Sunday service ran from 10.30am to noon on Sunday, November 17, with a special appearance by the Adelaide Gay & Lesbian Qwire, a vibrant and proud choir with a recognisable identity in both GLBTI and broader communities. The service will explore the diversity of the LBGQTIA+ community by celebrating the meaning of each of these component letters. This is a family-friendly service at which children are welcome.

The Unitarian International Transgender Day of Remembrance event ran from 7pm on Wednesday, November 20. The alcohol-free event will remember people who have been murdered as a result of transphobia during the previous year.

Unitarian SA Minister Reverend Rob MacPherson said the most important message from these two events was one of welcome. “Many gender-diverse people have suffered through their interactions with churches, so we would like to welcome these ‘religious refugees’ to a place where they are both safe and celebrated,” he said.

Founded in 1855, the Unitarian Church of SA is a progressive and inclusive faith community that eschews the traditional religious emphasis on dogma and orthodoxy in favour of supporting its members to pursue their personal lifelong spiritual journeys: Its members include people of all ages, races, cultures, religions, genders and sexual orientations.

This congregational diversity has encouraged Adelaide Unitarians to celebrate Feast, Adelaide’s only not-for-profit LGBTI Queer Arts and Cultural Festival. Feast began in 1997 as a safe and inclusive platform for the LGBTIQ community to share and express themselves through art and culture. Feast is one of the 10 major festivals in SA and the third largest LGBTIQ Festival in the country.

Bo Poeze, who is organising the International Transgender Day of Remembrance event, said that and the Feast service were intended to extend and complement existing Feast activities. “Many people from the community are uncomfortable dealing with the hustle and bustle of the CBD, so we hope that they will feel more comfortable and welcome to come to these events in Norwood,” she said.

“Our congregation already includes a number of members from the LBGQTIA+ community, so we want to extend that welcome further to people who find traditional churches unwelcoming by celebrating the Feast Festival and Pride Week in a place that is both safe and supportive.”

The Unitarian Church is located at 99 Osmond Terrace, Norwood. More information is available from its website at

Click below to listen to Bo and Aaron explain about our Feast service and ITDoR (International Transgender Day of Remembrance) event on Radio Adelaide’s Pride and Prejudice show, November 7, 2019.