About Us

Information booklet: 100 questions that non-members ask about Unitarian Universalism Our official name is The Unitarian Church of South Australia Incorporated, but we often informally refer to ourselves as the Adelaide Unitarian Church. We were founded in 1855 by settlers from England, themselves the inheritors of Unitarianism, which traces its origins to one of several variants of protestantism that emerged from the Reformation of the 16th century.

What Do Unitarians Believe?

Since any Unitarian's beliefs are the outcome of a personal lifelong spiritual journey, and may continue to evolve in the light of new experience and knowledge, no one answer can be given to that question. But some guiding principles are offered here:
  • Faith is not measured by how hard you believe, but by how closely your actions match your beliefs
  • Doubt and inquiry are as much the tools of faith as hope and prayer.
  • Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, among others, are great spiritual leaders because of the ethics they taught and lived.
  • We reject any discrimination that punishes or excludes people on race, religion, gender, age, disability, class, education, or affectional orientation.
  • Human beings have free will and the capacity to choose good over evil.
  • All religions hold a corner on the truth, but none hold a monopoly.
  • Unitarians stand for an open-minded approach to the spiritual quest. Ours is a faith with traditional foundations, resting on principles of freedom, reason and tolerance. We value the freedom as individuals to decide for ourselves. We respect the Judeo-Christian tradition combined with a willing acceptance that truth comes to us from many sources - not least from our own life experience.
  • Unitarians have been at the forefront of liberal religion since the 1600s - always striving to make our faith relevant to the challenges of everyday living.

We meet for worship every Sunday (10.30 am) at the:

Unitarian Meeting House

99 Osmond Terrace


Telephone: 0490 660 175

Email: admin@unitariansa.org.au

From time to time, we hold morning services and vespers in our chapel in the Adelaide Hills at Shady Grove.