Rites of Passage

Unitarian-Universalist rites of passage are available to anyone, regardless of their church membership status or their religious affiliation (or absence thereof). Our services are non-denominational.

Traditional ceremonies such a weddings, funerals, and child naming ceremonies are prepared collaboratively with those involved and do not come in pre-packaged liturgical forms. Our Minister has done many such services, and can offer you samples of previous work.

In the recent past, Unitarian-Universalist churches were places people turned when they wanted a worshipful, religious ceremony, but were prevented from doing so by their inherited faith traditions, or by the absence of an inherited faith tradition. For example, divorced persons or people marrying those outside their faith communities sought out our churches for a religious celebrant to marry them or formally dedicate their newborn children.

Today, our churches are increasingly sought out by those who want the reverential feel of a traditional ceremony without God being brought into it. UU churches fill that need by offering rites of passage ‘a la carte’, with as much or as little Divinity as required by the comfort and integrity of those involved. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible.

Please contact our Minister if you would like more information about the following rites of passage, including negotiable fees or tax-deductable donations to the church:

Other rites of passage offered (please contact the Minister for details):

  • Coming of age
  • Silvering (or retirement) ceremony
  • Renewal of marriage vows
  • Healing divorces and separations